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    Source: Understanding the phenomenon of synesthesia.

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    I experience forms of this. 

    I have grapheme-color synesthesia. I made a post about it, like, a year ago. Where did I put that thing? Anyway, I’m an associator. :D

    I remember reading about this in horrible science when I was young. There was a guy could apparently remember everything in his life due to synesthesia. I also remember he once told someone: “What a crumbly yellow voice you have!”

    No formal diagnosis but ordinal-linguistic personification represent! It’s letters, numerals, and months for me. Letters are the strongest one.

    reblogging with all the crap because it has the source but oh hey, i’m actually confirmed by a doctor to have this. it’s the most frustratingly beautiful thing.

    Ummm I think I might have this… wtf how have I never heard of this before

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  1. I hope this life is just a dream and soon I will wake up

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    Beware of the weeping angel
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  4. Each day I become more terrified of police


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  5. I miss the days when I stayed up at night reading Harry potter for the first time with a flashlight under the covers. Most nights I would fall asleep with the book and my flashlight under my pillow.

  6. Confession: I dont know who robin Williams is… im sorry but ive never heard of him until today. But I go thro my dash and I read the quotes and the stories and I realize he was loved more than he will ever know. I rememeber last summer when there was days where I would sit in front of a boddle of pills and a glass of poison and shake and try to go thro with it. This man was loved by people of every race and gender and age. He lived to make the world happier while he was suffaring inside. Im sorry for your loss and im sorry for anyone suffaring from depressed. Trust me.. it gets better

  7. Holy shit yes I had nightmares for weeks about this book

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    Free waves
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    Blue man
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    This is on the last page of my old sketchbook
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    R.I.P to all the friendships where we acted like lovers at some point, and now we barely talk.

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